Thank you teachers for participating in our Hawaii’s Coolest Class contest. Congratulations to Kaneohe Elementary School for winning Hawaii’s Coolest Classroom Contest! A site visit was made on November 9, 2016 by Air Masters and installation of their new Fujitsu Air Conditioning System will be completed over the holiday break. Teach Jaimie Kaneshiro and the kids are extremely happy and they will LOVE THEIR FUJITSU! Mahalo to Air Masters for donating the installation of the Fujitsu system provided by Admor HVAC Products.

2nd Place: Daphene “Kaji” Okunaga of Pearl City High School (1,123 likes)
3rd Place: Kiana Uluave (1,089 likes)
4th Place: Treena Apostadiro (1,065 likes)
5th Place: Knute Hirohata (704 likes)
6th Place: Suzanne Yamamoto, Ilima Intermediate (464 likes)
7th Place: Shawna Ramos (366 likes)
8th Place: Tina Scotty, He’eia Elementary (200 likes)
9th Place: Kelekolia Roberts, Nanakuli High & Intermediate School (197 likes)
10th Place: Vera Toilolo (191 likes)

1st Place class receives a Fujitsu Ductless Air Conditioning System donated by Admor HVAC Products and installation by Air Masters.

Other prizes that were awarded:

  • Pizza parties for a Year for entire class
  • Class entry to ESPN1420 Jersey Fun Run
  • Class entry to ESPN1430 Jersey Fun Run
  • McDonald’s Ice-Cream Sundaes for entire class
  • McDonald’s Ice-Cream Sundaes for entire class
  • Fisher School Supplies ($100)
  • (1) Pizza party for entire class
  • (1) Pizza party for entire class

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