The Dream

The Fujitsu "Dream" commercial was visualized by Drew Santos and brought to life by Jon Brekke. Drew met Ashley Jardine at a local golf event. Ashley owns Caddy Cuties Hawaii, a company that provides female caddies for corporate golf events and tournaments. Drew is a terrible but avid golfer and wanted to include a golf theme in a Fujitsu commercial. After watching Ashley tee up a ball and tend the flag pin on the course, he came up with the idea for this spot. Charlie Young, Rich Miano, and Corey Correa were brought on board to play the other members of the foursome. Filming location took place on the 13th hole at Hoakalei Country Club in Ewa, while the other scenes were shot at Drew's home in Honolulu. This HD commercial was shot entirely with a Canon digital camera and everyone was amazed with the results and quality. It was difficult to showcase the entire concept of the commercial in 28 seconds. With Jon Brekke's great editing, sounds effects and music, the storyline came together very well. Keli is featured at the end with her famous and patented tagline (slightly changed), "You Love Our Fujitsu".