The Fujitsu "Texting" commercial was our first venture with KITV in Hawaii. We were lucky to have Jon Brekke write, direct, and produce this spot. Jon has produced numerous award-winning commercials in Hawaii and has an extensive background in television and film. Later this year, he has a full-length motion picture coming out entitled, "A Breath to Survive".

This spot was filmed in a beautiful home in Honolulu. Interviewing at the KITV offices for local female talent to play the "Fujitsu Mom" was a fun process. Although the auditions did not help us find the "right mom" we were looking for, it was proven later to be an even bigger challenge. We thought we had found the perfect candidate to play the part, but soon found out she had left the islands and has yet to return. Our search finally ended after the hard work of Jon Brekke, who found Eden, a perfect fit for the part. Our trouble did not end there. The morning of the shoot Eden had burned her leg cooking and came straight from the hospital to the location. Editing was necessary to cut out her bandaged leg. Overall, the commercial turned out great and we couldn't be happier.