Let's Dance

Greg at KHON put a lot of thought into this commercial called "Let's Dance". Each scene element was carefully planned and the results were fantastic. Riley Graves stars as the young boy looking for a dance partner. Keli is the resistant little girl who eventually ends up in his arms. The little details like Riley sweating, and then zooming into his hands and feet really helped this spot come together. Filming location was held at Damian High School in the gym. It was hot this day so Riley's sweat was real. The other children used in this segment came from some of our local schools. We poured powder on the floor so Riley could slide in his socks. He fell a dozen times before we got the take that worked. Keli was so afraid of falling while she hung from Riley's arms and said her famous line "I Love My Fujitsu". Shirley Santos and Lori Miano are also shown in this commercial. Overall, this spot was exceptional as it was not only produced locally, but it was filmed with almost no budget.