The Crush

The "Crush" or also known as "First Love" Fujitsu commercials is one of our all-time favorites. It was written and produced by Greg Davis at KHON. Greg really pulled this one together with great editing and sound. The star of the spot, Riley Graves made his first television debut. The boy featured passing the note is the son of Rich Miano. Riley nailed the role as the young boy in love with his great facial expressions. This prompted Greg to use Riley in more Fujitsu commercials, making him one of Fujitsu's faces. This spot has generated more favorable reviews than any other spot up to this time and has tremendously helped to solidify Fujitsu's presence in Hawaii. The setting took place in a classroom scene at St. Patrick's School in Kaimuki. Original music and the quiet "buzzing" at the end to stimulate an air conditioning running sound, was produced by sound engineers that worked on the ABC television series "Lost" in Hawaii. Can you hear the buzzing?