Make My Day


Coming off the great production of The Coolest Man in the World spot, it was tough coming up with a new concept for our next commercial. We turned to Eun Ho Lee at KITV Channel 4 and began brainstorming about a new spot. We wanted to convey three things to our audience;

1. Fujitsu has the World’s most energy efficient Ductless Split Air Conditioner.
2. Fujitsu has the best warranty.
3. Fujitsu has the highest quality.

After several weeks Eun Ho visited Admor HVAC and pitched her vision for this spot. It was to be a Western with Keli playing the good guy and a vicious looking villain playing the bad guy. While her script was not finished we knew that the villain would be the key to pulling this spot off. Only one person came to mind and it was Kaui Kauhi. Kaui is a friend of Admor HVAC and he is a huge, strong and intimidating person. Truth be known, he is really a Teddy Bear with a heart of gold. Kaui spends a lot of his time and own money helping young children in his neighborhood. Every year he feeds hundreds of families on Thanksgiving and also provides school supplies for hundreds of kids. Truly a great person with a huge heart. But the good thing for us is that he can look really mean! Eun Ho visited various costume companies and handpicked the wardrobe for both of our actors. It was hilarious on the set as Kaui’s pants were too small. They were never buttoned but were covered by the large black jacket. We filmed the spot at the Hawaiian Railroad Society in Ewa. Steven Vendt, Operations Manager for the Railway Society was most accommodating and let us film anywhere on the property. Filming began in the morning on a 90 degree plus day. It was hot. Really hot. Kaui was a champ and never complained. He actually never removed his heavy jacket for hours at a time. Eun Ho had done pre-production scouting of the set and had all of the shots planned on a story board. We started with the scene where Kaui spits on the ground and says “oh yeah…we will see about that”. As shooting moved on the clouds rolled in and we had to wait for the sun. We waited in an old rail car on the tracks of Ewa while dumpsters rolled past our set causing dust to fill the air.

Water was sprayed on the dirt to help reduce the dust and we were able to finish the shoot in about four hours. Keli nailed her lines with minimal takes. She really has become a natural in front of the camera and she delivers her lines flawlessly. The key to this commercial would be in editing and Eun Ho came through with a masterful job. This spot looks like a high cost Hollywood production but it was done at almost zero cost thanks to Eun Ho.