Grandpa Jack

Filmed, Directed and Edited by Eun Ho Lee from KITV Channel 4.
Location: Manoa


Grandpa Jack, Fujitsu Commercial  Grandpa Jack, Fujitsu Commercial


Grandpa Jack, Fujitsu Commercial  Grandpa Jack, Fujitsu Commercial


Grandpa Jack, Fujitsu Commercial  Grandpa Jack, Fujitsu Commercial


Grandpa Jack, Fujitsu Commercial

This is one of our favorite Fujitsu commercials of all time.  The spot features Koji “Jack” Ito and his beautiful wife Helen.  Jack was born on the Big Island in 1925 and is now 89 years young. He has been working for the Admor companies (Fujitsu distributor) for 38 years and has been married for a remarkable 62 years!  Jack and Helen have 3 Children, 7 Grand Children and 2 Great Grand Children to keep them busy.  Jack also still comes to work every single day with a smile, positive attitude and desire to help people. 

This commercial was the vision of Drew Santos who has been working with Jack for 21 years.  Jack has been an inspiration to Drew because of his attitude, determination, work ethic, honesty and integrity.  Jack is the ultimate salesmen who has always gone beyond the call of duty to take care of his customers.  He is a tireless worker who never quits and always takes the time to make sure things are done right.  When the sale is done, Jack is always grateful to his customers and is always there for them after the sale.  Watching Jack over the years both at work and at play moved Drew to want to feature Jack in a Fujitsu commercial.  At a recent University of Hawaii Volleyball game where Jack and Helen are season ticket holders, Drew looked over and saw Jack and Helen holding hands while watching the game.  Their love for each other after 62 years of marriage is evident whenever they are together.  Jack had always shown an interest in being in a commercial.  Getting Helen to agree was a different story.  Drew sat down with Jack at least a half dozen times to discuss doing a commercial.  Each time Drew would ask Jack to go home and see if Helen would agree to let us film in their home and film her in the spot.  The very next day Jack would walk into Drew’s office shaking his head.  “She won’t do it” Jack said.  Ok Drew told Jack.  Go back and tell her we will only film the outside of the house with Jack walking around and talking.  The next day Jack returned to Drew’s office again shaking his head.  “There is no way she will do it” Jack said and furthermore “asking her” repeatedly is causing some tension at home that he doesn’t want.  At that point Drew was almost ready to give up and scrap the spot.  He called Eun Ho Lee from KITV Channel 4 who was to write, film, direct and edit the spot and explained the situation with Jack’s wife.  Eun Ho agreed to meet with Jack at Drew’s office to give a woman’s perspective and touch in an effort to persuade him to do the commercial.  Eun Ho sat with Jack and explained that we would only have 2-3 people at the shoot and would keep it very short as to not disturb Mrs. Ito.  Jack was a bit nervous when she asked him to go back home and ask Mrs. Ito again.  Jack returned to say that we could shoot the spot outside of his house without Mrs. Ito.  A date a time were set and the film crew, Eun Ho and Keli went up to Manoa to film the spot.  To our surprise, Mrs. Ito let us in the house and agreed to be filmed along with Jack. Having the two of them was critical to the success of the commercial and Eun Ho with her polite charm was able to get the right shots in just a few hours.   Next was the editing process where Drew emphasized  to Eun Ho that this had to tell Jack’s life story and tear at people’s hearts.  One week passed and Drew did not want to call Eun Ho to check on the progress.  He thought that would give the spot bad luck. A second week passed and Drew could not wait to see a rough edit.  He again held back and did not call Eun Ho because he knew she had to be left alone to pull this one together.  Then an email came with a copy of the commercial.  Drew watched it for the first time and cried.  Wow…he thought.  Eun Ho did it!  She captured the vision for this commercial and delivered it on the screen.  After a week of edits to fix small details the spot “I love you Grandpa Jack” was ready.  Drew emailed the final cut to several friends and co-workers and the response was overwhelmingly positive with many people saying they cried or teared up.  Great to have this spot in our library and we really do “love Grandpa Jack”!