Fujitsu's The Coach

Fujitsu's "The Coach"


When it comes to University of Hawaii sports, there is no greater legend than Wahine Volleyball Coach Dave Shoji.  42 years coaching, 4 National Championships, 1202 Career wins and 5 Time National Coach of the Year Awards.  Dave's record, hard work, competitive spirit, commitment, integrity and love for Hawaii athletics is second to none. There is no greater person that we would want to have in a Fujitsu television commercial than Dave, and thanks to some great friends at the University of Hawaii we were able to pay tribute to his record in our new Fujitsu commercial.
The spot was filmed on location at Klum Gym on the campus of University of Hawaii.  We used a real club volleyball team (Kuikahi) made up of local girls from various high schools around Honolulu for the action sequences.  The temperature inside Klum Gym was in the 90's and it was so hot that the girls were sweating like crazy.  The final scenes were filmed at a home in Waialae Iki.  Dave and the girls did an incredible job as did the crew at KITV under the direction of Troy Gomes.  Troy took our idea for the commercial and laid out his vision for the action sequences and audio. Two cameras were used to shoot the spot with Troy on ladders, on the ground and in the faces of the players.
We think this is one of the best Fujitsu commercials ever and want to thank Dave, all the Girls and KITV (especially Troy Gomes) for doing a fantastic job.  Enjoy the spot that we named "The Coach".
Watch the video below for photos taken behind the scenes on the day of shooting.
The Quarterback

The Quarterback - Super Bowl LI Fujitsu Commercial

Our new Fujitsu television commercial made its World debut during Super Bowl LI. The spot ran six times during the Pre-Game and In-Game on KHON2 Fox Network. This commercial was produced and directed by Greg Davis at KHON2 in Honolulu. The script was written by Drew Santos and former University of Hawaii and Philadelphia Jets Player, Rich Miano. Also in the spot are ex Hawaii and NFL players Maa Tanuvasa (2 Super Bowl Championships with Denver Broncos), Leonard Peters and Nate Ilaoa. The Secretary in the spot is the beautiful Monica Hamada and the Star is former Miss Hawaii and Miss USA Runner Up Chelsea Hardin. And of course Keli is in the spot looking good as always. This is a sequel to our first football commercial that featured Rich Miano and former Hawaii football players. In the first spot, University of Hawaii legend Colt Brennan throws an interception in the big game to a peewee team player. I saw a photo of Chelsea Hardin competing in the Miss USA pageant and went to work on a commercial that could feature her beauty. Thanks to Rich Sheriff, General Manager of the Stan Sheriff Center at the University of Hawaii. We used Rich's office to film the spot. Sincere thanks to all that helped make this commercial possible!


Check out photos taken during the filming:

Halcyon Mini-Splits

Halcyon Mini-Splits

Fujitsu's commercial focuses on the comfort and control provided by Halcyon mini-splits and the wide range of styles and sizes available for every heating and cooling need.

Fujitsu Ad Commercials

Fujitsu Commercials


Take a look at the Fujitsu television advertisements that has aired on Hawaii's tv stations over the years. We were determined to inform Hawaii's residents of the great solution to Hawaii's hot and humid weather. Today, Fujitsu air conditioners have become a preferred brand and is continuing to grow in popularity amongst not only homeowners, but hotels, condominiums and project developers as well.



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The Dream
Let's Dance!

Fujitsu Spelling Bee
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Air Conditioning Segment







The Coolest Man in the World


While my Daughter has starred in all but one of the commercials for over ten years, this time we changed it up and made me the star of this spot. While I am no actor and do not like to see myself on the screen, this spot came to me and I just had to do it for fun. Life is short and I wanted to be part of something that I thought would be entertaining and very funny. The premise for this commercial came from a popular beer commercial where a distinguished man (who is way better looking than me) looks into the camera and says "I don't always drink beer". The rest of that ad is advertising history. While we will not make history with our spot, we do hope to make people laugh while making people remember our brand. I came up with the basic idea for this ad and then handed it over to Greg Davis at KHON. Greg has done many Fujitsu commercials for us and he always knows how to deliver a great final product. Greg and myself had the daunting task of trying to find two gorgeous woman for the two most important scenes of the commercial. I turned to Dawn Larson of Larson Talent in Honolulu and she arranged to have around nine girls come down to KHON to audition for the spot. It was pure hell sitting in a room at the television station and interviewing all the girls who all showed up looking spectacular. After the interviews it was my job to choose the two girls for the spot. I gave Greg my three finalists and between the two of us we came up with Nicole and Rianne. While both are beautiful, it was their personalities that really made an impact and got them the gigs over the other candidates. With Nicole and Rianne booked, I had to make a decision on whether I should cast myself as The Coolest Man in the World. I know that I cannot act, look fat on camera and hate seeing myself on t.v. I really thought of bringing in a real actor or local personality to complete the cast. Something inside me said just do it and have as much fun as you can while not taking yourself seriously. I dropped 15 pounds in two months and let my beard grow for seven days before the shoot. We gathered up the costumes at the Diamond Head Theatre Costume Department where they rent costumes for any occasion. The staff at Diamond Head Theatre were great. We told them that we needed Indiana Jones, Aviator and Mountain Climber costumes and they had just about everything with the exception of a cold weather parka for the mountain climbing scene. Brigette Abott from KHON put out an email to all KHON employees looking for a cold weather jacket. Fellow KHON employee Cathy Muneno who is married to Native Hawaiian Navigator Nainoa Thompson helped out by bringing Nainoa's jackets. I am a big fan of Nainoa and was excited and honored to be able to wear a jacket of his that probably sailed on the Hokule'a. We shot three scenes in the studio with a green screen. The green screen will allow the Director and Editor to add digital images behind the live scene in post production. We have volcano erupting, mountain climbing and aviator scenes plus the final scene where the only dialog in the spot is spoken. After a few hours of filming with the green screen at the studios we made our way to Waikiki to film the final shot at Chuck's Cellar. Chuck's was kind enough to allow us to shoot in a booth while the restaurant was closed. All of the drinks on the table are non alcoholic as the restaurant cannot pour any alcohol before they open at 5:30 pm. They were props only so that was fine. It took dozens of takes to get the two lines down. I flubbed them up so many times. My terrible acting skills made it difficult to deliver the lines as intended. John Veneri coached me and at one time I had wished he was doing the scene instead of me. We forged on and finished the spot with me delivering the final line "Stay cool my friends". Don't want to give away too much. You will have to wait a few weeks to see the final commercial. My sincere thanks to the crew at KHON who were talented, professional and fun! Thanks to Nicole and Rianne who made my day very enjoyable. I am very blessed to have had the opportunity to do this.

UPDATE: We received a nice letter from the lawyers at Dos Equis and they requested we pull this spot from the airwaves immediately. We did and it has not been played on television or youtube since.

The Crush

The "Crush" or also known as "First Love" Fujitsu commercials is one of our all-time favorites. It was written and produced by Greg Davis at KHON. Greg really pulled this one together with great editing and sound. The star of the spot, Riley Graves made his first television debut. The boy featured passing the note is the son of Rich Miano. Riley nailed the role as the young boy in love with his great facial expressions. This prompted Greg to use Riley in more Fujitsu commercials, making him one of Fujitsu's faces. This spot has generated more favorable reviews than any other spot up to this time and has tremendously helped to solidify Fujitsu's presence in Hawaii. The setting took place in a classroom scene at St. Patrick's School in Kaimuki. Original music and the quiet "buzzing" at the end to stimulate an air conditioning running sound, was produced by sound engineers that worked on the ABC television series "Lost" in Hawaii. Can you hear the buzzing?

Fujitsu Spelling Bee


The Fujitsu Spelling Bee spot was filmed at St. Patrick's School in Kaimuki on a very hot day, where we really wished we had a Fujitsu air conditioner. Greg Davis from KHON produced the spot and again hit it out of the park. We pulled a lot of the KHON staff to assist us with this commercial creation. They painted the Spelling Bee sign, laid out tracks for the camera move, and worked on sound. Sound was difficult on this one because a construction company was using a jack hammer next door, yikes! We had to pause numerous times to get the take right. Keli is also in the commercial along with her classmates from Sacred Hearts Academy.


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